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Four Lakes Metal Detector Club members have been very active in support of the communities they serve. Below is a compilation of several programs and projects our members have been associated with.

Wisconsin State Agencies:  FLMDC  members,  in  conjunction  with  the Wisconsin Association of Treasure Hunters of Milwaukee have worked with the Department of Natural Resources in an attempt to  locate and recover two military cannons, lost during the war of 1832, more commonly known as the “Blackhawk War.” They also assisted  State Archaeologists in searching for artifacts at the “Battle of Wisconsin Heights” skirmish site.

Law Enforcement Agencies:  FLMDC members, at the request of the Madison Police Department,  searched a local lake in an attempt to locate a bag of money and a gun from a local robbery. The Wisconsin State Highway Patrol also requested assistance in searching the median strip of  Interstate  Highway 90/94  to locate a  bolt that would determine why a trailer unhooked from a truck, crossed the median strip and struck a car, killing it’s occupants.

Cleaning City Parks:  Each year members remove thousands of bottle caps, pull tabs, glass shards, and various other metal and trash items from local parks and beaches. We have picked up road debris, three times per year, on a two mile section of highway near Madison.

Aircraft Accident Site Search:  Members assisted in searching fields near  Alta, Iowa for aircraft engine parts from the crash of Flight 232 in 1989. Members spent two long days with about one hundred other detector  users attempting to locate parts that  General Electric could use to pinpoint why the engines failed, causing the crash.

Personal Services:  Members voluntarily return lost rings, jewelry, heirlooms and key rings to their owners. Members have also found property corner survey stakes for many land owners, at no charge.

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